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Will states that it was his mistake not to accept Jake into Glee Club the first time and extends the offer yet again. Schuester compares him to Puck, stating how much he changed through his time in the Glee Club and saying it was because he had a community.Jake replies that he doesn't need friends and scooters off.Rebuffing her comments, he asks her what they are singing in Glee Club and scoffs when he finds out it's Britney Spears Week.Marley dismisses his apparent scorn for her music, stating he hasn't heard her version yet.Will tells Jake the reason why he cut his performance was because he knew the moment Jake finished the first verse that he was good that he wanted him in the Glee Club.Despite being briefly taken aback by Will's complement, Jake refuses to accept Will's offer of a spot in the club, believing Will is only offering him a second chance because he is related to Puck.

He tells Marley that his mom works extra to pay for his dance classes.

When Will says he has an idea, but actually doesn't, Jake suggests they start preparing for their upcoming competition.

Jake is also briefly seen sitting in the audience at the Senior Class Presidential Campaign, putting his arms around two girls, furthering his ladies man reputation.

Later on, Jake meets Marley outside on the football field's bleachers.

Marley states she can tell that Jake's guitar, leather jacket, and hair are all walls to keep people from seeing how hurt he is inside.

Jake is last shown looking on during the New Directions performance of Chasing Pavements, similar to how Puck watches New Directions perform Don't Stop Believin' in the Pilot episode.

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